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Dauphin Veterinary Clinic

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Heartworm and Tick season! 


Say "NO" to Lyme disease and Heartworm!     

Put your dogs on a tick prevention product, check your pets and you daily for ticks, and if high risk, get your dogs vaccinated against Lyme disease. Help with Tick surveillance and register ticks you find HERE!  It is also time to think about Heartworm prevention!  Ask us for details.

Welcome to Dauphin Veterinary Clinic! We've been helping animals and their families in Dauphin for over 40 years. 
We also have happy clients from the communities of Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Ethelbert, Ashville, Winnipegosis, Ste. Rose du Lac, Alonsa, McCreary, Eddystone, Laurier, Fork River, Pine River.
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